Thanks for thinking of us for your store. Let's get our wholesale journey started!

First steps:

If you don't already have an account on our website, please create one and let us know. Once your account is created, we can turn on your wholesale discount.

If you are in an area that pays sales tax, please also send us your resale certificate.

What items are available for wholesale? Click the button below to browse our wholesale collection.

Some other helpful things to know...

Is it possible to be a wholesale buyer with you?

Yes! Please contact us and we will get you started.

In the meantime, you can start by creating an account on our website and email us your resale certificate (if applicable).

It's been a while since I ordered and I can't access my account.

Welcome back! We’ve made a few changes since you were here last. In early 2023, we upgraded to a new website. In order to get you set up on the new site, please create an account and let us know. Once we see you in the new system, we can turn your wholesale discount on.

We also need a copy of your resale certificate. You can send that over when you let us know that you are wanting to be set up on our new site. If you are in an area that doesn’t pay sales tax, don’t worry about the resale certificate.

What are your minimum purchasing requirements for wholesale?

Once you are approved as a wholesale buyer, you'll see the minimum requirements and the price of each item on their product page. 

The minimum requirement varies between products, but the main thing to note is that the minimum requirement is by the type of item you are purchasing.

For example: if you want a unisex tee and the minimum requirement is 25- You can choose 25 of the same whale tee in different sizes or a mix of 25 different designs, sizes, and colors… whatever your heart desires, but all 25 tees must come from the “unisex tee” category. This is how I am given price breaks from my manufacturer and how I can pass those breaks on to you.

Is everything on your website available for wholesale purchasing?

We offer a large collection of items for our wholesale customers, but not everything on our site is available. If you look at a product page and the discount box shows a $0 discount, that means the item is not available for wholesale purchasing.

Do you have an easy way to see what's available for wholesale?

Yes! You can click here to be taken to our wholesale collection.

Some of the items in my cart are showing up at the retail price.

If an item is at the retail price, that means it is not available for wholesale.

Please note: we cannot cancel, change prices, change product, or refund your order once it has been submitted.

If you think there is a mistake with the pricing, please contact us before processing your order. 

How long does it take to prepare my wholesale order?

Production depends on the time of year and the items in your order, most orders are ready to ship within three to four weeks. Please plan for extra time during the summer and holiday seasons.

Can I pick up my wholesale order at the Anchorage store?

Yes, but- we are no longer offering in store pickup through our website, so you have two options:

1.You can email your order to us and we can send you a link for payment that does not include shipping.

2. You can prepare your order online. Once your cart is ready, let us know. We’ll turn the “pick up” option on for you and then you can process your order. 

Please note- If you process your order while there is a shipping charge attached to it, we are unable to refund the shipping charge. 

What do I do if I received a defective item or an item is missing.

You have 7 business days from the date of delivery to inspect your order for any damaged or missing items. Please contact us immediately.

Once the 7 day window has passed, we are unable to replace the items.

Do you accept returns on wholesale orders.

All sales are final on wholesale orders excluding items that were received damaged.

Unfortunalty, we are unable to handle exchanges and refunds directly from your customers.

Do you buy back inventory?

All sales are final on wholesale orders and we unable to buy back inventory.

Do you name drop?

No, unfortunalty we are unable to offer name drop at this time.

Do you offer terms.

No, unfortunately we are unable to offer terms at this time.

We do accept all major credit cards.

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